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Cognitive behavioural therapy

How will CBT help me in my daily life?

CBT is a way of looking at how we talk about ourselves, the world around us, and other people. It looks at how our thoughts affect our behaviour and our feelings.

CBT can help you make sense of overwhelming problems by breaking them down so it's easier to see how they are connected, and how they can affect you day to day.

How good is CBT?

CBT has a reputation for producing successful outcomes in helping clients with a range of conditions. CBT is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

CBT sessions may include:

• Coping skills

• Assessments

• Relaxation

• Challenging certain thoughts

• Thought stopping

• Homework projects

• Training in communication



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01992 700 779

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"CBT is a practical therapy, which is likely to work best treating a specific issue as it focuses on particular problems and how to overcome them."

Single Session CBT (SS-CBT)

What is SS-CBT? Single session CBT is a 3hr integrated cognitive behaviour therapy session.


It's focus is on the here and now, and therapy starts from the 1st point of contact. Clients are not rushed through the process, and therapy continues through an individuals life cycle. If you feel you could benefit from SS-CBT then please do give

us a call.

Who is SS-CBT suitable for? People who experience non- clinical

depression anxiety, or acute emotional problem's.

SS- CBT can help with crisis management, life dilemma's, and help

with changing unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

A 3hr SS-CBT session consist of:


First contact - telephone or email,

A pre -telephone or video call assessment,

A face 2 face session

Client clinical notes if required..