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What will your products or services give me?

What will I get from you?

Use internal pages to tell me about specific services or products you offer. When you're telling me about them, make sure to focus on me not you - I'm interested in what I can get, not when you were founded.

  • Specific products

  • Specific services

  • Benefits

  • Features

  • Brands

Tell me about your related services

I’m very interested in your business. Remind me what you’re going to give me and how confident I’ll feel that I’ve made the right decision.


Give me options to click and go to another page to find out about your other  services or products.

Explain how you’ll help me

What problem is it that I have if I’m reading this page? What solution am I looking for? Tell me that you understand the situation I’m in and will do everything possible to help me.

Repeat your strongest selling point


"Keep testimonials short, to the point, directly related to the rest of the page content and always attributable to someone."

- John Doe


Harmony counselling Service

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01992 700 779