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Mindfulness based cognitive therapy

What will I get from meditation?

Most people often find themselves focusing on worries, concerns and pressures of every day life which may distract us from finding solutions or; moving forward from your distresses. Mindfulness teaches us how to work directly with our struggles and difficulties in ways that help us rely on your inner strengths and resources.

Meditation reduces stress, anxiety and depression in a sensible way. It helps the left side of the brain, which is responsible for emotions, to function better.

It is  throught this practice that greater wisdom, and compassion can flow naturally.


The practice leads to increased concentration, fearlessness, and greater happiness. Thanks to this we can feel and function much better.

What are the positives of this therapy?

• Recognise, slow down or even stop negative, habitual reactions

• See situations with more clarity

• Respond more effectively to situations

• Enhance creativity

• Feel more balanced at work and home

• Better quality of sleep

• Fewer negative feelings like tension and anger

• Fewer visits to the doctors


"The evidence has been so strong in fact that nearly three-quarters of GPs have said they feel all patients would benefit by learning mindfulness meditation."


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